Iboga Wurzelrindenpulver um Angst zu uberwinden mit Microdosing
Gemahlenes Iboga Pulver feine wurzelrinde zum Microdosieren
Ground Iboga Root Bark | 100% premium quality

Ground Iboga Root Bark | 100% premium quality

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Finest Tabernanthe Iboga root bark ground into powder

  • Free eBook guide with every order!
  • Shamanically/energetically cleaned and prepared
  • Natural product (may be subject to fluctuations)
  • Ibogaine with all natural alkaloids
  • Premium quality iboga root bark
  • Sustainably collected and packaged
  • 100% organic and untreated
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Laboratory tested ibogaine content
  • Proven tradition
  • Origin: Gabon

Our iboga root bark comes from plants that are at least 25 years old , because only these provide the highest possible ibogaine content.

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An important area of ​​application is spirituality. This plant is often used as a gateway to a higher consciousness.

Something for which one would have to meditate for years or pursue other spiritual practices can be supported and accelerated with iboga , in which, among other things, it opens parts of the consciousness that were previously closed. This enables you to draw from the depths of your own creativity.

Since time immemorial, the Bwiti - a shamanic-spiritual tradition of some West African tribes - have been aware of the interesting properties of the iboga root . They increased their awareness to get even closer to nature and the spiritual world. To be free from negative thought patterns and entanglements. to make peace with the past. In order to be able to release beliefs that we and our ancestors have held on to for decades, no, centuries.

Since we also want to keep our products in their purity , we control each batch uniformly and do not add any additives - because this is the only way we can guarantee you the really first-class quality of our products.

Because we know that iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to mankind , we would like to make this fascinating plant and its special properties available to you.

Decalcification of the pineal gland
• Detoxification
• Increased mental abilities
• Better well-being
• Calmer mind
• Increased vitality of the body
• Enlivening the imagination
• Strengthening of self-confidence
• Insight into the subconscious
• Clearer thinking/developed intuition
• Emotional blocks become visible
• Coping with traumatic experiences
• Greater Clarity, Focus & Awareness
• Increased spiritual “connectedness”
Increased neurogenesis
• Restful sleep
• More intense dream memory
Lucid dreaming/out of body experience
• Coping with addiction

Storage : Iboga is best stored and preserved in a cool and dark place. It should last for years like this.

Notice & Disclaimer : Incense Not a medicinal product • Keep away from children and animals •

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