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The Ibogashop - here everyone who searches gets their money's worth - exclusive products, first-class quality and personal customer service. Nice that you are interested in our philosophy.

Our Iboga products are unique premium products!

It is extremely important for us to be able to offer you the highest quality . Because of this, we attach great importance to checking each batch uniformly and preparing them by hand for sale in our online shop.

100% sustainable origin

When choosing the right iboga plants, we make sure that we only harvest plants that have matured for more than 20 years. Knowing that iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to mankind, we make sure that this plant does not die out.

We close the circle

We donate to non-profit organizations! To preserve the iboga species, new seeds are constantly being planted. On this page, you too can do good and have new iboga trees planted for little money:

Donations: https://www.blessingsoftheforest.org/

iboga powder microdosing

Without additives

Since we want to keep our products in their purity , we do not add any additives - because this is the only way we can really guarantee you the really first-class quality of our products. For us, the quantity that we can make available for purchase is not decisive, but rather that we stand behind our products because we are aware of their origin and further processing.

We always pay attention to which products we offer our customers and work constantly to further develop and improve our service for you!

For us, it depends on clear criteria that you can definitely expect from us:

  • We offer you personal customer service .

You can contact us at any time via e-mail and we will be happy to advise you in all matters.

  • We offer you high-quality products at particularly fair prices .
  • We offer you fast shipping and secure payment for your order!

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