What is iboga?

was ist iboga? es ist eine wurzel aus afrika die du hier bestellen kannst sie wird dir helfen deine ängste zu überwinden uns deine schatten aufzulösen

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Iboga Tabernanthe is a plant species from the Tabernanthe genus and the dogbane family. This is native as a 1-2 meter high shrub in the tropical forests and areas of (West and Central) Africa. In the wild, it can be found near bodies of water and swamps.

Its glossy and lanceolate leaves reach a length of 10-15 cm. Flowering time is from March to July. Its flowers are yellow and no larger than 5 - 10 mm. After the flowering period, the dry season sets in, and then the shrub develops orange-yellow, inedible fruits that are about 2 cm in size.

Here are a few plants related to Tabernanthe Iboga from around the world:

- Tabernaemontana (also from the dogbane family)
- Alstonia scholaris
- Voacanga
- Daturicarpa elliptica
- Ervatamia orientalis
- Pagiatha cerifera
- Trachelospermum jasminoides
- Stenosols

Despite the fact that there is a health network with clinics and doctors in Africa, the African population places great value on healers, shamans and natural remedies.

Precisely because the people of this group of people tend to tax more empathy and understanding, especially when it comes to psychological suffering, many people confide in the spiritual world. Plant and herbal medicine in particular is very closely linked to spirituality.

In the shamanic traditions it is said that illnesses are of a mental nature and that the interference of invisible forces, here speaking of spirits and ancestors, are said to be the cause of serious illnesses.
The Bwiti movement is a spiritual tradition common to various tribes such as the Fang, Pygmies and Mitsogho. Dance, music, trance, meditation as well as ceremonies and contact with the ancestors and the spiritual world are part of their tradition. Through Iboga ceremonies, the tribe members freed themselves from guilt, addictions, beliefs or negative thought and behavior patterns.

The Bwitis believe in dark energies that settle in people to steal their life force and negatively influence their lives through certain behavioral and thought patterns. Envy, greed, malice, anger, hate and egoism penetrate people and can be recognized and transformed with the help of iboga.

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