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was für arten gibt es von iboga hier bekommst du die genauen klarheiten über dies schöne pflanze das pulver kannst du auch hier direkt kaufen und bestellen

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Depending on the need or expectation, iboga is offered in various forms, which have advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose and intention.

root bark

The most "spiritual" and original way to experience iboga is through the natural root bark itself. Visionary and healing states - to process one's own self - can occur.

The alkaloid content is 3 – 6%
100g root bark contains 4.8g ibogaine with 6% alkaloid content

Total Alkaloid Extract (TA)

In the production of Total Alkaloid Extract, all alkaloids are dissolved from the root bark. This brownish powder can be obtained through a chemical process using distilled vinegar, acetone or ethanol.

The alkaloid content is about 30-60% .

The remaining percentages are made up of other iboga alkaloids such as ibogamine (with around 15 – 25 percent) and ibogalin (with 5 – 15 percent), and also voacangin and tabernanthin.

100g TA contain 40 - 50g ibogaine with 6% alkaloid content

Purified Total Alkaloid Extract (PTA)

Purified total alkaloid extract means that the total alkaloid has been chemically purified. (Purified = cleaned)

Iboga Alkaloids: Ibogaine, Ibogamine and Ibogaline.

The Ibogain - active ingredient content is about 60 - 70% .

100g PTA included 60 – 70g ibogaine

Purified Total Activated Alkaloid Extract (PTAA)

Purified Total Activated Alkaloid Extract is 98% pure Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL). Additionally, it contains 2% indole alkaloids .

100g PTAA contain 98g ibogaine

Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL)

The reaction of organic bases (e.g. amines) with hydrochloric acid (HCL) produces hydrochlorides - salts. This approach produces a stronger, more stable, and more water soluble end product. This is mainly used by doctors because of the high degree of purity and the exact dosing.

Since, in contrast to the root bark (with approx. 6%), it has 100% active ingredient content, only relatively little of it is required.

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  • Markus w.

    kann ich aus TA ein Extrakt machen in Tropfenform?
    Habe gelesen das 0,58mg Tpa die höchste menge gelöstes Iboga in reinem alkohol sein soll, was aufgenommen werden kann.

    Das würde heißen bei einem Gramm TA in 10ml 96% Alkohol, das es zum großteil garnicht gelöst wird ?

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