The healing powers of Iboga

die magische zauber frucht vom baum des lebens namens iboga hier bekommst du die beste wurzelrinde mit dem feinsten pulver

The healing powers of Iboga

Iboga is a plant relatively unknown in western cultures. In Africa, on the other hand, it has been known for its healing powers for centuries. The plant grows mainly in Gabon and the Congo region and is traditionally used by the natives to treat various diseases. In recent years, iboga has also established itself more and more in Western countries as a natural remedy for addiction.

The positive effect of iboga on the treatment of addiction is mainly based on its ability to rid the body of toxins and thus support detoxification. In addition, iboga also has anti-inflammatory properties and can therefore be used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Even if the healing powers of iboga have not yet been fully researched, there are already a number of studies that confirm the positive effect of the plant on the treatment of addictions. A study of opiate addicts showed that working with iboga can significantly reduce addiction. Another study looked at the effects of iboga in treating alcoholism.

The results showed that patients working with iboga drank significantly less alcohol and also had fewer cravings for alcohol. Therefore, iboga can definitely be seen as a natural remedy for addictions.

Iboga against addiction - a miracle cure?

Addiction is a disease that affects many people worldwide. In Germany, around 30 million people suffer from an addiction. Treatment is often lengthy and expensive. However, despite therapy and medication, many of those affected fail because of their addiction and look for an alternative. Iboga is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies for addiction. It works on all levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Iboga helps the body break down the addictive substances and detoxifies the body from the harmful substances. Iboga is also a very effective remedy for depression and anxiety that often accompanies addiction. Many sufferers report that iboga has helped them get their lives back under control and finally become abstinent.

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